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Witches, and Pumpkins, and Reading, Oh My!

by Mindy Mayden, intern

It’s spooky season, y’all. This Houston weather may have cast a spell the last several weeks that made us believe it was still summertime (a cruel trick, rather than a treat), but Halloween is almost here. There are Jack-o-lanterns to be carved! Candy corn to be eaten! Hocus Pocus to be watched!

Halloween is all about magic, candy, costumes, and playing make-believe, and also serves as the mark of the beginning of that sparkling holiday season that won’t really end until February. It’s a whirlwind period of back-to-back parties, family, and fun. What about the rest of the year, though? When do you find the time to do a little make-believe in the other eight months of the year? Where’s the magic?

Often, that imaginative, creative spark in children and adults alike becomes overshadowed by electronics and the mundanities of everyday life. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find again. Kelly Bennett reminds us to use our imaginations and to harness that magical spirit all year round in her award-winning picture book, One Day I Went Rambling

One Day I Went Rambling follows Zane as he goes rambling around town. His friends call him crazy and refuse to play along, but after watching him find magic in the ordinary, they are eventually drawn into his imaginative game. Zane sees the treasures in everyday objects that have been stolen from today’s children by electronic entertainment.

This fun read celebrates and reminds us of the love and imagination that all kids need to thrive. So go out and find a story in the shapes of the clouds, or turn your towel into a cape. Playing pretend and using our imaginations may start with Halloween, but One Day I Went Rambling shows us that it doesn’t have to end there.


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