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We receive an overwhelming number of unsolicited manuscripts, and we consider each one individually. Our response time varies, but generally you should expect to wait at least six months. Before submitting your proposal, please consider whether your material fits our list. We specialize in high-quality, reasonably priced books for adults and children that further our mission. If you would like us to consider your work, please send hard copies, rather than electronic. Only send copies of your material and keep the original for yourself. Your submission to us is non-exclusive, and we encourage you to submit it other places as well. We can only publish a fraction of the submissions we receive, and we do not want our process to prevent you from reaching your publishing goals.
A fiction proposal should include:
  • A cover letter giving a brief description of the work.
  • Fifty pages of text for adult and middle grade fiction and complete picture book text.
  • Information on the market for the book, unique contacts you may have, and why you   think this book is an outstanding example of its genre.
A nonfiction proposal should include:
  • Cover letter giving a brief description of the project and what is included in the package.
  • Proposal, including outline, introduction, illustrations list, sample captions, and text/sample chapters (approximately 30 pages of text). A cookbook proposal should include a list of recipes plus at least ten sample recipes with headnotes in addition to the information described above.
  • Sample illustrations or photographs (duplicates rather than originals)
  • A description of the audience you hope to reach. Please note that we expect that you will already have researched the market to determine how many books on the same subject are currently available. We look for books that stand out. Explain how your book differs from those already on the market.
  • Your ideas for publicity and promotion of the book, including how you intend to reach your target market, and any contacts you have that may be helpful.
  • Author/illustrator/photographer biography, including publishing credits and credentials in the field.
  • A SASE, large enough to hold your materials for return. If desired, include a SASE for acknowledgement of receipt of the manuscript. Unfortunately, we cannot return proposals that do not include an envelope and postage. Please keep a copy of your proposal.
At this time, we are not actively looking for adult fiction, but we are seeing middle grade and young adult works that would be at home on our list. You may direct your proposal to our editorial department at the address below. Bright Sky Publishing Manuscript Department 2365 Rice Boulevard, Suite 202 Houston, TX 77005