Woody Creek

Views from a Homestead

$60.00  Hardcover

Margaret Wilson Reckling

About the Book

Woody Creek is a place where poison hemlock thrives and cell phone signals die, where the narrow asphalt road finally surrenders to a red dirt lane. It’s where hopes and dreams can easily get buried in winter’s seven-month snowpack and there is plenty of time to contemplate one’s life journey.

Margaret Reckling has discovered that in Woody Creek, time does not exist as humanity has attempted to define it, nor do the priorities of her former urban life: Their meaning has been carried away on the northwest winds. In words and images, she captures the timeless rhythms of nature that have shaped this place and the rugged individuals who call it home.

Book Specifications

ISBN: 978-1-942945-79-6
Pages: 240 pages
Size: 12" x 11"