Music of The Butterfly

A Story of Hope

$19.95  Hardcover

Ann M. Leis + Gail Danziger Klein
Illustrated by Patricia Hardwick

About the Book

Based on a true story, authors Ann M. Leis and Gail Danziger Klein recount Gail’s mother’s experiences during a tragic time in history—the Holocaust. Inspired by a family photograph, Ann and Gail tell a story not only of hope, but of the strength and courage it took to overcome immense hardship. 

Music of the Butterfly: A Story of Hope allows children to view life through Renée’s eyes—a child living through the Holocaust who remained hopeful of a brighter future. Although life can be unfair, this book teaches children the importance of never losing hope even when faced with bullies and incredible obstacles.

Book Specifications

ISBN: 978-1-942945-56-7
Pages: 40 pages
Size: 8.75" x 8.75"