Ganny Says

Wisdom from First Lady Barbara Bush, America’s Grandmother

$19.95  Hardcover

Chris Helene Bridge

About the Book

As Barbara Bush’s life was being celebrated, the many examples her family shared of her wisdom, humor and values inspired us all. Now what Mrs. Bush taught her children and grandchildren has been collected for all our children.

Barbara Bush’s grandchildren called her “Ganny,” and they knew how important it was to listen to what Ganny said. Author Chris Bridge collected Mrs. Bush’s passions and priorities: loving family and friends, literacy and serving others and made a special trip to Kennebunkport to get inspiration for the illustrations. She walked the beach where Ganny walked, visited the library where she read to the children and talked to locals who knew her. It seemed that everyone knew Barbara Bush or had a story to share about her! 

The illustrations depict some of Ganny’s favorite places and things. You’ll see her big sunhat, her peonies and pearls. One page has her husband, President George Bush’s, boat in the background. She filled her life with books and dogs, so you’ll find plenty here, along with lots of beautiful blue: her favorite color. 

Take a deep breath, and imagine a soft breeze in the salty air as you take a walk with Ganny through the pages in this book. And always remember what Ganny says! 

Book Specifications

ISBN: 978-1-942945-78-9
Pages: 32 pages
Size: 11" x 8.5"