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James P. Bevill
Texas Interest

James P. Bevill is an expert on every aspect of money. He is a wealth management advisor with a primary focus on retirement asset management. He is President of the Texas Numismatic Association and has been elected as an honorary member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas for his preservation of the history of the money and the economy of the Republic of Texas. He has received numerous awards for his work in finance and in numismatics and has written articles on Texas and Confederate money and its role in our culture and history. Jim lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Jodie.

The Paper Republic is history on both the grand and small scale. Moreover, it presents readers with valuable insight into the Republic of Texas that will forever change their view of the revolution and its aftermath. This volume is destined to become a classic.” — Dr. Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator at the Alamo

“The Paper Republic is an in depth, refreshing and amazingly detailed look at the chaotic financial system of the Republic of Texas . It is ripe with interesting anecdotes, untold stories, and offers a complete explanation of how the entire paper money system fit together. The book is a must for any Texana collector or student of Texas history.” — John N. Rowe III, President, Southwest Numismatics

“In researching the money and the economy of the Republic of Texas, Bevill has added a whole knew dimension to our understanding of the overall history of the Republic of Texas. James Bevill’s 352 page book is also one of the most beautiful Texas history books we have ever seen.” — K K Searle, member of The Sons of the Republic of Texas and author of the Texas History Page blog

The Paper Republic was named as the Best Specialized Book on U.S. Paper Money by the Numismatic Literary Guild at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Boston on August 12, 2010. The book was also the 2009 winner of the Summerfield G. Robert’s Award by the Sons of the Republic of Texas, as the book which “best portrays the spirit, character, strength and deeds of those who lived in the Republic of Texas”.