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Bright Sky Publishing is happy to offer a wide variety of services, from general publishing to personalized editing and design work. For rates and additional information about our services, please contact today.


Publishing Services
Following submission review and acceptance, our team will help you through the process of bringing your manuscript to life! From editing and design, to printing and binding, we will work with you to share your beautiful book with the general population through local and national retailers.

Want to create a book but not quite ready to share your story with the world? Ask us about our private publishing option! We will help edit, design and print/bind your work with the same quality as a trade book that you can self-distribute.


Individual Services
Our professional publishers and editors will review your work and provide constructive feedback that can help you improve your story for a chance at publishing!

Polish your work so it looks its best before publication with our editorial team!

Whether you have a beautiful cover design concept in mind but not sure how to put it on paper, or are in need of ideas, we can help! We provide cover design and book layout services to prepare your book for printing.

Writing a children’s book but need that creative, visual touch? We can partner you with illustrators!

From beautiful photography to photoshop edits, we can help you visually set your book apart.

Want to promote your book or cause online? Share your message in a creative, unique way with our video services.

Is your book ready to print? Ask us about our printing and binding services! We offer large-scale printing options starting as low as 750 copies up to 4000 copies. We also provide printing options for smaller print runs below 750 copies.