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It’s the beginning of November. Do you know what YOU’RE doing for the holidays?

If that question makes your stomach clench and your hands clammy with the thought of hosting another party for your family and friends, have no fear! Bright Sky Press has the answer for you. Invitation to Entertain has everything you need to host your Thanksgiving or holiday dinners, as well as that New Year’s Eve party and any other occasion beyond, from casual ladies’ get-togethers to more formal family celebrations. Having worked in the catering and event planning business for more than twenty years, Elizabeth Stone knows a thing or two about throwing a good party, and she is more than happy to share her extensive knowledge with you. Invitation to Entertain is filled with full-color photographs of party settings as well as sample menus for any occasion that might arise. And what good is a menu if there are no recipes to back it up? It’s a good thing that Elizabeth isn’t reluctant to share her cooking secrets with us either. The book is also chock full of great stories from Elizabeth’s catering and event-planning experience and information on any ingredient you might dream of using in your kitchen, so that you’ll not only pull off her party ideas, but be able to plan and prepare your own in the future. Whether you’re going to be hosting an elegant Christmas dinner (page 105) for your family and the in-laws or just having a grown-up pizza party (page 51) with friends, let Invitation to Entertain be your party planner.

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