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by Caroline Boden, intern

Houston is a city that is filled with fascinating stories and storytellers. Bright Sky is unique in its ability to support these storytellers with personal attention, reliable service, and an understanding of the nuances of their messages. By publishing these local histories, memoirs and stories, we ensure that they will not linger at the bottom of a national publisher’s slush pile. Instead, they make their way into the world, preserving and informing our history and culture.

Since 2001, Bright Sky has grown and evolved to meet the challenges of the changing publishing landscape. With an ever-vigilant eye on the industry, we determined in 2017 that our mission was best served by a non-profit structure. Bright Sky continues to strengthen its brand and create significant titles that preserve different aspects of our Texas heritage. From history to children’s, and sports to cookbooks, many of our titles fill important gaps by telling previously untold stories and providing important resources for learning about our Texas culture. We’re proud of our strong reputation of quality publishing. Our books win notable awards, receive positive reviews and enhance the lives of both authors and readers. Bright Sky means a positive presence in the community. Providing access to publication for local authors, supporting literacy groups like Writers in the Schools, partnering with organizations such as the Barbara Busch Houston Literacy Foundation, Books Between Kids, the Wade Smith Foundation and others. As a strong non-profit organization, Bright Sky Publishing will broaden the support of the good work we’ve done in the past and expand this work in the future.

Your membership with Bright Sky Publishing serves Houston readers, authors and students of the literary and media arts. With each membership level, all set at different donation prices, you will receive a gift from us in addition to the satisfaction of supporting your local book people. There are four individual levels of membership, ranging from $50 to $1,000. The community partner membership has two levels. The $5,000 donation means not only will you be acknowledged on our website for our support, but you’ll receive a tote bag to carry your books, a bumper sticker, we’ll donate five books to a local school in your name and you’ll get a copy of our latest release Mud and Money by Mike Vance. By becoming a member with the $20,000 donation, you’ll receive all of the same rewards as the $5,000 donation level and your transformative support will be acknowledged on the copyright page and marketing materials of our next book. All of this information and more can be found on our website under the Support tab. Please consider being a part of the Bright Sky Publishing story.

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