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Our Goals

By creating a non-profit publishing house, Bright Sky Publishing’s goal is to transition the type of funding we are able to receive, freeing the press from traditional publishing industry constraints. With non-profit status, BSP is able to focus on creating books with philanthropic impact rather than looking foremost at a title’s  financial impact. Bright Sky Publishing aims to preserve, share, and cultivate the stories of our unique and wonderful region.  After noting the success of other non-profit publishing houses across the nation, we have determined this is the best course both for the company and the community. This transition from for-profit to non-profit has been endorsed by BSP’s Advisory Board. With the guidance and advice provided by a variety of local philanthropists, Sterling Associates, Nonprofit Elite, and Your Part-Time Controller, along with Bright Sky Press’s current Advisory Board, BSP has been able to successfully prepare itself for a new era as a non-profit publishing house.  Going forward with a non-profit structure alleviates the constraints of the traditional publishing model and will provide the opportunity to create higher quality content that has more cultural impact. By transferring to a non-profit financial model, BSP is able to continue and expand the good work the company is currently doing, focus on showcasing our unique culture and heritage, and strengthen Houston’s literary and publishing sector.