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Fresh from the Press

by Hannah Lacy McKeon

With spring finally here, there has been much excitement around the Bright Sky office. We are gearing up to release two new editions to our catalog that we know will brighten your shelves.

Ganny Says: Ganny Says by Chris Bridge provides a delightful look at Barbara Bush’s legacy as America’s loving and nurturing grandmother. Ganny Says features the advice and “Ganny-isms” that Mrs. Bush instilled in her grandkids. Her messages to them focus on kindness, gratitude, sharing, respect, and love. This heart-warming rhyming picture book will remind you of the importance of the simple joys of family, community and reading.

Good Evening, Friends: For over fifty years, Houston’s beloved Dave Ward has shared the news with our community on KTRK Channel 13. He has a world record for longest anchor at the same station, and a Guinness plaque to prove it. In his candid memoir, Dave reveals the high and lows of his remarkable journey in television news. He opens up about his career and personal life, and he provides an understanding of the changes the industry has faced over the decades. We think you’ll find this memoir both intriguing and revealing. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Good Evening, Friends to the shelves!

We are very confident that these new titles will wind up on every reading list come summer. So run, don’t walk, over to and get your copies today! With all the hustle and bustle of new titles joining the Bright Sky catalog, we invite you to follow us on social media, where you can keep up with the new happenings around BSP.

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