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Back to the Books

by Caroline Boden, intern

It’s officially that time again. The time at the end of August where parents’ excitement grows and their child’s, well maybe not so much. It’s back to school! Grab the packs of pencils and new notebooks from your local Back to School aisle and start ordering some must-have children’s books.

A Wild Ride on the Water Cycle by Anthony Yanez takes us on an adventure with Alice and Jake, the water droplets, through time and weather. From the belly of a T-Rex to beads of sweat running down the faces of children to falling snowflakes, Alice and Jake explore and learn as they evaporate, condense and precipitate their way through history on the wild ride that is the water cycle.

Smitty Hits the Play Books by Wade Smith and Jayme Lamm tells the story of a very little boy, Smitty, who dreams of playing football. His mom, however, says school comes first! When his teacher says his excitement for the game is interfering with his work, he’s got a big problem. Can Smitty make both his mom and his coach proud? Wade Smith’s story, based on his own experience, shows young students and athletes how important it is to stay focused and determined in school so they can achieve their dreams on and off the field.

Smitty Tackles Bullying by Wade Smith and Jayme Lamm feature the beloved character Smitty once more, but he is now one year older and another year wiser since readers last saw him. He has truly discovered his love of reading and is doing great in class and on the field! But, Smitty begins to worry when he notices his best friend, Luke, is skipping out on Reading Lab. Smitty decides to investigate, leading him to discover that a classmate is bullying Luke as he struggles to read aloud in class! Smitty uses kindness and understanding to confront the bully, and in the end makes a new friend and finds a way to help Luke improve his reading skills. Along the way, Smitty once again proves that reading is cool!

Ganny Says by Chris Helene Bridge shares important life lessons and words of wisdom from former First Lady Barbara Bush. The colorful illustrations depict some of Barbara Bush’s, or as her grandchildren call her “Ganny’s,” favorite places and things. Take a deep breath, and imagine a soft breeze in the salty air as you take a walk with Ganny through the pages in this book. And always remember what Ganny says!

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