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Are You Ready for Some Football?

by Caren Hayden, intern

Football season is well underway, so grab your pom-poms, face paint, and big foam fingers! And books! The pastime of football is such a huge part of Texas culture, and kids love reading books that feature the game. Getting kids to read for their required “homework minutes” can be a struggle for parents. That’s why books that engage young readers and feature their favorite hobbies (like football!) are a great find.

Wade Smith, a retired Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, has written and published two of his own books featuring football that “tackle” topics like bullying and balancing schoolwork with being on the football team. His main character, Smitty, has an unabashed love for reading, helping out his classmates, and all things football.

In Smitty Hits the Play Books, Wade Smith and Jayme Lamm share the story of how a young boy, Smitty, loved  playing football so much that he stopped doing his homework. Young readers will relate to Smitty’s passion for sports but will also learn that staying on top of schoolwork is important no matter how good of an athlete they may be.

Wade Smith helps kids learn about the importance of standing up to bullies in his second picture book, Smitty Tackles Bullying. After Smitty learns that his best friend is being bullied, he is determined to help out. With some heartfelt advice from his dad, he’s able to muster up the courage to confront the bully by standing up for what is right.

Middle and young adult readers will enjoy Transition: One Kid’s Bank Shot to the NFL by Fendi Onobun. In this true and inspiring story, Onobun shares how his work ethic and personal tenacity landed him a spot in the NFL.

Find these football-themed books and more sports-related kids’ books at Bright Sky Publishing! Foster a true love of reading by introducing age- and level-appropriate books that speak to kids’ personalities and interests.

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