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It is with regret that we must inform you that Houston Non-Profit Publishing (HNP), dba Bright Sky Publishing, has closed.

When we launched as a non-profit in 2017, we sought funding for the creation of books with a philanthropic impact that fulfilled our mission to document the richness of our region in high quality books and educational media. We were not able to generate the funding we needed to continue functioning as a non-profit publisher.

We are grateful for the talented authors and illustrators who entrusted us with their creative work. We have done our utmost to honor and support it, and we wish them the best in their publishing endeavors in the future. We are grateful for the vendors who partnered with us to share the authors’ messages in beautiful volumes and distribute them to the trade. And we are grateful for all those who supported the vision of Bright Sky Publishing by donating funds, by sharing expertise, and by buying books. Together, we were able to share important ideas from our community with the world.

Houston needs quality publishing. We hope that in the near future another group will create a sustainable publishing house that will share what we love most about the diverse, positive and creative place we call home.